Le Consortium national pour la formation médicale en santé autochtone (CNFMSA) est un partenariat entre l’Association des médecins autochtones du Canada, l’Association des facultés de médecine du Canada, le Collège des médecins de famille du Canada, le Conseil médical du Canada et le Collège royal des médecins et chirurgiens du Canada. Il a été créé pour mettre en œuvre des volets de travail dirigés par des Autochtones qui réformeront la formation médicale autochtone et contribueront à la prestation de soins culturellement sécuritaires.

Le CNFMSA fournira leadership et soutien aux partenaires pendant qu’ils s’acquittent de leurs responsabilités collectives de donner suite à la Déclaration des Nations Unies sur les droits des peuples autochtones, aux appels à l’action de la Commission de vérité et réconciliation et aux appels à la justice de l’Enquête nationale sur les femmes et les filles autochtones disparues et assassinées.

Le CNFMSA a mis sur pied des groupes de travail et des plans de travail axés sur des améliorations à apporter dans les domaines d’action prioritaires suivants :

  • Évaluation des études autochtones, de la sécurisation culturelle et de la lutte contre le racisme
  • Lutte contre le racisme, politiques, processus et soutien à la mise en œuvre
  • Admissions et transitions d’étudiant.es autochtones
  • Recrutement et maintien en poste du corps professoral autochtone
  • Amélioration de la sécurisation culturelle dans les programmes scolaires
  • Bien-être et joie au travail des médecins autochtones

L’AMAC dirige le groupe de travail sur le bien-être des médecins et la joie au travail. Le groupe de travail est formé des personnes suivantes :

  • Dr Mike Dumont (président)
  • Dr Chase McMurren (président associé)
  • Aîné Syexwaliya
  • Dre Ashley Blais
  • Dre Mamta Gautam
  • Dre Joy Albuquerque
  • Dr Ryan Giroux
  • Dr Jason Pennington
  • Melanie Osmack

Veuillez transmettre toute demande de renseignements à info@ipacamic.ca.

Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day!  Today, we celebrate the incredible accomplishments and contributions of our First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples! 🎉  Wishing everyone a happy and healthy summer season filled with unity, understanding, and appreciation for Indigenous cultures.  Find an event or activity near you and join in the celebration! 
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Happy Summer Solstice! 🌞  Today is the longest day of the year, deeply significant for many Indigenous cultures. It's a time for renewal, reflection, and connecting with nature through traditions, ceremonies, and celebrations.  Let's honour the wisdom and practices passed down through generations. Enjoy the sunlight and respect the cultural significance of this day.  #SummerSolstice #IndigenousWisdom #CulturalHeritage #LongestDay 🌻🌎🪶
Just a friendly reminder that we will be closed on June 21 in observance of National Indigenous Peoples Day. This day honours the rich cultures, histories, and contributions of all Indigenous peoples.  Let's take this time to celebrate, learn, and reflect. 🪶  We will reopen on Monday, June 24.  #NationalIndigenousPeoplesDay
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One of the many highlights of IPAC's Annual Gathering in Halifax will be the showcase of some of the most talented Mi'kmaw artists! ✨  Get ready to:
🖌️ Explore stunning artwork and crafts
🎨 Meet and support local Mi'kmaw talent
🛍️ Discover unique, handmade treasures
Can't join us in person? No worries! You can still support these amazing artists by visiting their social media pages listed in the post.
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🎨This week, we're shining a spotlight on Indigenous children and youth! Checkout http://www.our-story.ca.  Across Canada, these incredible young artists and writers have delved into their personal histories and the stories of their ancestors and homeland. Their work showcases the immense creativity, engagement, and respect thriving in Indigenous communities nationwide. Let's celebrate their talent and potential! 🌟
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🎓 Congratulations to all the medical students graduating! Your IPAC family is so proud of you and will continue to support you every step of your medical journey. Here's to your bright future! 🌟 #MedSchoolGraduates #FutureDoctors #ipacfamily 
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Our time is drawing closer to our gathering in Halifax, NS, where we're eager to explore more of Mi'kmaq culture. Etuaptmumk, also known as Two-Eyed Seeing, teaches us to blend Indigenous and Western perspectives, recognizing the strengths of each.  Meet Rebecca Thomas, Halifax's Poet Laureate, who beautifully blends these perspectives in her work. With roots deeply impacted by residential schools, she sees poetry as a tool for healing and empowerment.
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🌿 This week, we're embarking on a journey to explore the land through the eyes of Indigenous Peoples. Mapping the Way celebrates and raises awareness about Yukon's modern treaties – the Final and Self-Government Agreements. 🗺️✊ Come along as we read stories of the remarkable people and events that have shaped a new governance landscape for all Yukoners. 
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Feeling the indigenous urge to bring moosemeat to your family?
Do that symbolically via bringing guidance to some mentees instead 😎
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