Message from the President

Message from the President – June 2024

Aaniin Boozhoo,Tan’si,Greetings from IPAC,

As we approach IPAC’s Annual Mentorship Gathering and AGM in Halifax, NS, let us honor the teachings of our ancestors and the treaties we uphold, including those of Halifax, Nova Scotia. We are honoured to be hosting this event in Halifax (Kjipuktuk), located on the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People. In less than 40 days, from July 12th-14th, we will convene to celebrate Our Stories and Our Medicine. I am so excited to see everyone there.

June marks a significant time for reflection and celebration, encompassing both Pride Month and National Indigenous History Month. As we celebrate these milestones, IPAC proudly stands in solidarity with the LGBTQS2+ and Two-Spirit communities. Inclusivity and creating safe spaces are paramount to us. We’re thrilled to highlight the voices of Two-Spirit and Indigiqueer individuals at our Annual Gathering in July, and to honor the gifts that they have and bring to our gathering. Join us for an insightful panel featuring Randi George, Doctor and Resident at the University of British Columbia, Doctor Ryan Giroux, General Pediatrician at St. Michael’s Hospital and the Inner City Health Associates in Toronto, and Doctor Brent Young, Academic Director of Indigenous Health at Dalhousie University, as they advocate for equality and share their experiences. Let’s celebrate diversity and promote equality together.

I have been taught by Elders/Knowledge keepers that when we open up with a smudge and a drum song we are calling our ancestors to come join us and help guide the work we do. I think it is so important for us to honor our ancestors and the work and struggles they had in order for us to get to where we are. When we honor them we honor ourselves and our children and we honor our Identity as Indigenous people on our lands. We are all from distinct communities and nations and have so many wonderful teachings and gifts to offer. We are truly a force when we celebrate and lift each other up.

As we approach our AGM it is with a heavy heart that I announce that I will be resigning my position on the board of IPAC, and my term will be completed at the end of our AGM on July 14, 2024. This has been an incredibly difficult decision for me, as the board has offered me the opportunity to learn leadership skills, to travel, to liaison and build connections and most importantly has been like family. I have made lifelong friendships through my time on the board. Unfortunately, due to health and family obligations I must humbly step aside at this time. I know that we have amazing members with wonderful gifts to offer our organization, and so I encourage those interested to put their name forward and join the IPAC board.

Chi Miigwetch,

Dr. Mandy Buss, President

Message from the President – April 2024

Aaniin Boozhoo, Tan’si, Greetings from IPAC,

In this edition of our newsletter, we’re focusing on the crucial topic of planetary health as we introduce an exciting addition to the IPAC Awards: The Sacred Land Award. This award highlights the exceptional efforts of First Nation, Inuit, and/or Métis individuals in Canada who champion planetary health from an Indigenous perspective.

The Sacred Land Award honours those who advocate for environmental sustainability, apply Indigenous frameworks to address climate change, preserve biodiversity, and tackle social determinants of health within Indigenous communities. We’re privileged to recognize individuals who embody the values of stewardship and dedication to the well-being of our planet and all its inhabitants. Nominations for the IPAC Awards close on May 3rd, 2024, at Midnight PDT.

Earth Day is on April 22nd, let’s pause to contemplate our shared responsibility to safeguard our sacred land and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. We recently had our spring equinox that teaches of cleansing, renewal, rebirth and understanding balance. When we pay attention to how mother earth and how it renews all life, we will learn of the connection we have to the land and how we need to take care of it. This is a time to plant a seed of change to a healthy environment for generations to come.

As we prepare for our Annual Gathering and AGM in Halifax on July 12-14, we’re excited to join together, share knowledge, and strengthen connections. This event, themed “Our Stories. Our Medicine.,” offers Indigenous Medical Students, Residents, and Physicians a chance to unite, celebrate our academic journeys, and enjoy cultural activities. We are honoured to be hosting this event in Halifax (Kjipuktuk), located on the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People.

Chi Miigwetch,

Dr. Mandy Buss, President

Message from the President – February 2024

Aaniin Boozhoo, Tan’si, Greetings from IPAC,

As the days are getting longer I am enjoying seeing more sunlight. We have been having an exceptionally warm winter here in Winnipeg and less snow then normal. Although I have been enjoying the warmer winter and not having to shovel as often I think about the impacts this will have on the health of our land. The theme of this newsletter is planetary Health. First Nations, Metis and Inuit people have a unique and inherent relationship with the land. This relationship is founded on responsibility, respect, love and spiritual connection. The impact of environmental change has been felt throughout our territories and has impacted our traditional foods, our water ways and our spiritual connection and practices. This has had ramifications to our health and has disproportionally impact Indigenous individuals, families and communities.

In this newsletter you’ll be learning about IPAC’s response to Bill S-5, Strengthening Environmental Protection for a Healthier Canada Act. This bill is an amendment to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEAP) to recognize that every individual in Canada has the right to a healthy environment. We want to ensure that your voices are heard and hope that you can participate in a way that works for you.

I feel it is so important for our voices to be heard on the health of our lands. I encourage you to participate in a way you feel will work for you.

This year’s IPAC AGM will be on July 12-14, 2023 and will occur in Halifax (Kjipuktuk), Nova Scotia, that is located in Mi’kma’ki the ancestral and traditional lands of the Mi’kmaq people. Our theme for this year’s AGM is “Our Stories, Our Medicine. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and sharing our stories together of how we heal as Indigenous people while building our relationships among our membership. If you are planning to attend please make sure your membership is up to date and you are registered.

Chi Miigwetch,

Dr. Mandy Buss

Message from the President – January 11, 2023

Aaniin Boozhoo, Tan’si, Greetings from IPAC,

The theme of this newsletter is growth and development. A few weeks ago I attended a Winter Solstice celebration. These celebrations bring us together to share stories, teachings, laughter and food. It is a time of year when we experience the shortest amount of sunlight and the longest amount of darkness and the land lays to rest. Traditionally, this became an important time to share stories of creation, of hunting and survival, or to share teachings. Storytelling has been an essential part of our traditions and a way of knowledge exchange. It is the glue that connects us to our ancestral knowledge and to each other. It is a gift. A teaching that I learnt by our Elder during this particular ceremony was around the teaching of Tobacco. Tobacco was one of the first medicines to step up and help support humans on Turtle Island. It is the medicine that connects us to the spirit world and takes our prayers to Creator. We offer it when asking for gifts of stories and knowledge. It is from these stories that we are able to grow, we are able to develop ourselves, our families and our communities.

With that said, our IPAC family has also grown! I would like to welcome Tom Lindsay, Membership and Mentorship Manager, and Kayla Knelsen, Finance and Administrative Coordinator. We are so excited they have joined our team and look forward to working with them throughout this new year.

The IPAC Board and Staff are honoured and excited to be heading to the Mohawk community of Akwesasne on January 26-29, 2023, for our strategic planning and team building retreat. This board and staff retreat will incorporate joy and wellness through traditional teaching, learning, team bonding and board planning so that we can work towards supporting our membership and communities. We are so grateful for our Physician Director Dr. Ojistoh Horn and her community for inviting us to their territory. I also want to say a big thank you to Dr. Lisa Calder at the CMPA for their generous financial contribution to this event.

Chi Miigwetch,

Dr. Mandy Buss, President

Message from the President – October 12, 2022

Aaniin Boozhoo, Tan’si, Greetings from IPAC,

On behalf of our Board of Directors and staff we hope you enjoyed your summer and had time to enjoy the beauty of our lands and waters that make up Turtle Island. I was so grateful to spend time on the unceded, traditional territories of the Coast Salish: Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations at PRIDoC 2022 this July. I was also able to reconnect with my cousin after 30 years. In July and August, I had the opportunity to spend some time at the lake, making memories, in the beautiful Canadian Shield in Northwestern Ontario, with my son, Riddick.

The period between summer and fall was a huge transition – more specifically the end of PRIDoC, and with that, IPAC’s election of a new Board of Directors. PRIDoC was such a memorable occasion and it was filled with Spirit, Love, Friendship and Support. I can’t think of a better way to start off my new role with IPAC as President and I am so grateful to be working alongside Dr Mike Dumont (Vice President), Dr Alexa Lesperance (Secretary), Dr Rebekah Eatmon (Treasurer), Dr Ojistoh Horn (Physician Director), Dr Randi George (Resident Director), and Laney Beaulieu (Student Director). They are all so dedicated and passionate about working to improve the health outcomes for our families and communities and improving the experience of our students, residents and physicians learning and working within the health system. I also want to acknowledge and honor outgoing board members Dr Nel Wieman, Dr Evan Adams, Dr Sarah Funnell and Dr. Josha Rafael for their years of leadership and mentorship to IPAC.

As we just had our Fall Equinox last week, I reflect on the teachings I have learned about this season. Fall teaches us about balance where, on September 22, the day and night fall into balance. Fall is a beautiful gift from Gitche Manitou (Creator) that teaches us about change. Change can be difficult as we transition from summer to winter, as the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, but nature teaches us that change is inevitable. If we look at the trees in the fall we see the beautiful colors of their leaves but the tree must let go of its beauty as it no longer needs its leaves – it knows to let go of things that will weigh it down in the winter. For the leaves, they have a new purpose, to provide shelter and warmth for those little creatures on the ground. In the spring, those leaves will provide nutrients for the earth to help support new life. For me, this is a time to reflect on those things in my life that weigh me down and no longer serve me and what things need nurturing to grow. I look forward to warm bonfires and cozy nights inside snuggling with my son watching movies. I look forward to nurturing relationships with friends, family and colleagues that have been challenged through the COVID-19 pandemic. I also look forward to the new relationships that will grow through this new role with IPAC.

I want to give a special thank-you to our Mentorship Manager Sara Ayaruak-Thomson in the successful launch of this seasons’ IPAC Mentorship Gatherings. The gatherings started in September and will continue throughout October. I was able to be a part of the gathering that occurred in Winnipeg, at the University of Manitoba. I really enjoyed meeting and talking with our medical students and sharing my own experience as an Indigenous physician. It was also an opportunity to connect with Indigenous Colleagues in Manitoba and to listen and learn from them. We often get busy in our lives and don’t have enough opportunities to connect and support each other in this way.

I am so proud of our Indigenous Medical Students who have established the Indigenous Medical Student Association of Canada (IMSAC). They are showing exemplary leadership early in their careers and providing safe space for our students. They were able to hold their strategic planning weekend in Manitoba that had coincided with the mentorship event.

I would also like to congratulate Dr. Alika Lafontaine on his new Presidency of the Canadian Medical Association. Dr. Alika Lafontaine is the first Indigenous president in the CMA’s 155-year history.

To close, I want to reflect on the various events that have occurred in the past month: September 30: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and October 4: National Day of Action for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. These both happened right after the two-year anniversary of Joyce Eshaquan’s tragic death. I want to honor her life, and all of our sisters, mothers and aunties who are missing or murdered, and all those little ones who never made it home. We will remember them in the work we do to end Anti-Indigenous Racism within and outside of the healthcare system.

Chi Miigwetch,

Dr. Mandy Buss, President

Message from the President and Director – March 16, 2022

Bozhoo! Tan’si! Greetings from IPAC,

On behalf of our Board of Directors and staff, we hope you are all finding time for joy and rest. The theme of this quarter’s newsletter is growth, something IPAC has experienced much of over the past year. It’s been a fast-paced and exciting time to serve IPAC and we would like to share some of our highlights.

We welcomed two new board members, Dr. Mike Dumont and McMaster student Josha Quinn, both of whom are founding members of our Champions Committee – a group dedicated to lifting up and celebrating our colleagues for their amazing work. Since its’ inception in the fall of 2020, we have seen successful Indigenous nominees for the CMA awards, The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, the RDoC awards and more.

Our membership grew to 341 active members, largely in part to our Membership and Mentorship Manager, Sara Ayaruak-Thomson. Since joining us in November they have been fostering relationships with medical schools and encouraging them to sponsor IPAC student member fees as part of their reconciliation journey. Sara has created and rolled out our Mentorship Circle, which already has over 50 registrants whom are making the most of this personalized portal. They have also organized and hosted several membership and mentorship events online and have been integral to the planning of PRIDoC, where you’ll have the chance to meet Sara in person.

Our capacity as an organization has also grown significantly. In four short months, our Administrative Coordinator, Ariel John, has created and improved our administrative procedures and systems, allowing us more time and energy to focus on IPAC’s strategic priorities. Ariel supports the IPAC board and staff, often going above and beyond, in keeping us organized and on track. An excellent problem solver, she has quickly become an invaluable part of the IPAC team. Ariel has been the lead on all things accreditation for PRIDoC and you’ll have the opportunity to thank her in person for your CPDs this July at PRIDoC 2022.

Through our partnership with the National Consortium for Medical Education (NCIME), we launched our working group on Physician Wellness and Joy in Work. We have been collaborating on a draft framework to define physician wellness and joy in work with the ultimate goal of creating tools to support Indigenous physicians. The NCIME executive and working groups will have their first in-person meeting April 22, in conjunction with the Canadian College in Medical Education (CCME).

Our relationships with partners and stakeholders have grown as well. In 2021, IPAC became a member of the Canadian Medical Forum which brings together leaders of Canada’s major national medical organizations to discuss issues of priority to physicians, their patients, and the Canadian health care system. We received a $1 million grant from the Canadian Medical Foundation to increase capacity and create the IPAC mentorship program. We also entered into a funding agreement with MD Financial which will support our future annual gatherings and AGMs as well as student travel to PRIDoC 2022.

With the Pacific Regional Indigenous Doctors Congress (PRIDoC) 2022 around the corner, our staff, board, and volunteer subcommittee members have been hard at work preparing to welcome you in partnership with our host nations – the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations. We cannot wait to connect in-person, learn from each other and celebrate our cultures. Registration is open!

Chi-Miigwetch, Kinanaskomitin,

Thank you,

Dr. Cornelia Wieman, President
Melanie Osmack, Acting Director

🌟 Introducing our new IPAC Board of Directors! 🌟  From left to right:
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Dr. Ryan Giroux - Physician Director
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Dr. Ojistoh Horn - President
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We experienced both joyful and bittersweet moments at our IPAC Annual Gathering. Our heartfelt thanks go to President Dr. Mandy Buss and Vice President Dr. Mike Dumont, who have stepped down from the IPAC Board of Directors. Their wisdom, love, and knowledge have greatly impacted our Board and the entire organization. We love you both. Here’s a little goodbye video from them. ❤️ #Leadership #Gratitude #Community #ThankYou #Inspiration #ipac2024
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Join us in our mission to positively impact the social determinants of Indigenous health. If you or someone you know has the drive and commitment to lead and inspire, we want to hear from you!  For more information, please visit:  #IndigenousHealth #Leadership #Elections #makeadifference
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